Línea de producción de depósito de piruletas con servodriver


The machine is an advanced lollipop making machine for making various kinds of lollipop , such as pure lollipop, striped lollipop ,twin ball lollipop, double flavor lollipop , double color and single color lollipop and so on .The machine has high quality ,high output and it can be produce high quality lollipop. The machine consists of dissolving tank, gear pump,storage tank, microfilm vacuum cooker, Depositing machine with cooling tunnel and revolution or pneumatic stick insert machine .

The machine with servo driver and control the every action by Motion Intelligent Control card to Achieve precise depositing, high performance

Detalles técnicos:

Capacidad150 kg/h300kg/h450kg/h
Consumo de aire0.5m3/min0.5m3/min0.5m3/min
Consumo de vapor450kg/h450kg/h450kg/h
Consumo de agua2200L/h2200L/h2200L/h