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We professional manufacturer and an exporter of candy machine 、chocolate machine 、candy package machines、candy mould、Gummy candy starch tray (wooden starch tray、plastic starch tray、fiberglass starch tray).


With enterprise credit and manufacturing innovation as its guideline, Youlu has been incorporating its pursuit of choice candy machines into the concrete standards and regulations in the industry.
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Ningbo Youlu Machinery Technology Co ., Ltd.

Ningbo Youlu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and an exporter of candy machine,chocolate machine,candy package machines, candy mould,Gummy candy starch tray(wooden starch tray,plastic starch tray,fiberglass starch tray).With many years experience research and development of candy machine and chocolate machine. We have strong technical force, advance technology ,product quality has high reputation in the market.

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