Candy Making Machine

Hard Candy Making Machine


The hard candy makingmachine can produce hard candies of different shapes and different weights through changing the hard candy mould and distribution plate. The advantages of mechanical hard candy depositing production line are high output, few failures and low cost. It is also the best and ideal choice for the majority of candy companies.

Hard Candy Making Machine Application:

The hard candy making machine is an advanced equipment for produce crystal hard candy, hard candy with center-fill ,two color hard candy ,stripe hard candy , coffee hard candy and so on.

The hard candy making machine consist of Sugar dissolving tank ,storage tank ,Microfilm vacuum cooker ,and depositing machine with cooling tunnel . The  hard candy making machine characterized by mechanical and electrical integration, compact structure, high automatic, high output and high production efficiency. The finished candy is made from  hard candy making machine have good taste,transparent and smooth surface .

1.The  hard candy making machine is made of stainless steel

2.Use Germany Durrex brand unloading pump and Switzerland ABS brand Vacuum pump improve the quality

3.Use England Spirax Sarco brand steam valve and delivery water valve to make sure lone life service .

4.Continuous cooking improve the production efficiency and reduce production cost

5.Use independent electrical control box to make sure the electric components long life service