Craft Lollipop depositing production line


The machine is specially designed for craft lollipop depositing production line .It can be produce craft flat lollipop ,two layer craft flat lollipop, double flavor craft flat lollipop etc . It is an ideal equipment to production good quality craft lollipop . The machine's features is compact structure,high automatic system ,high output and production efficiency. The finished flat lollipop made from this machine have transparent and smooth surface and good taste.

The machine with servo driver and motion Intelligent control card to achieve precise depositing, high performance.

Technical Details:

Capacity:100-150 kg/h200-300kg/h
Air Consumption0.5m3/min0.5m3/min
Air PressureP=0.4-0.6MpaP=0.4-0.6Mpa
Steam Consumption450kg/h450kg/h
Water Consumption2200L/H2200L/H