Multifunctional stereo decorating chocolate forming


1 .With full servo control casting system of the machine,five axis linkage pouring head can produce multi-color piping chocolate,a full three-dimensional ball type and semi solid big chocolate, Penhua tricolor big chocolate,automatic feed put almond chocolate, chocolate and bang bang crisp rice mixed color chocolate.

2.Manipulator automatic stereo mould and automatic suction demoulding device,make the chocolate after stripping can be more tidy,meet the packaging meeds.

3.Designed to enhance the cooling tunnel,greatly shorten the cold road length,saves workshop space.

Technical Details :

Production    capacity1200-3000kg/8hour
Mold size450x225mm
Casting speed10-12 disc/min
Machine power40kw
Compressed air0.8 cubic meters/min,0.8mpa
The total number of the    disk mode315
Cooling Capacity21800 kcal/h
Freezing machine power15p
Size of machine8500x3700x2800mm
Weight of machine4500kg